Kangaroo Paws Anigozanthos Bush Gems


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This new and exciting plant collection provides a real taste of the unusual, but anyone can grow them you do not even need a garden!
'Kangaroo Paws' or 'Anigozanthos', (to give them their botanic name) are natives of Southern Australia, but grow superbly here in the UK, delivering immense, bright colour to your summer patio displays. The name arises because the flower shape has the look of the foot and claws of a Kangaroo foot!
Our collection includes the very latest and best varieties following extensive plant breeding work they have been bred to give more flower stems, brighter colours and to perform brilliantly in your patio pots and planters. Your collection contains one each of Inferno (red), Pearl (pink) and Tenacity (orange yellow) supplied for instant impact and in flower!
Plant them in a sun-drenched spot and they will reward you with more blooms than ever in fact the brighter the sun, the more intense the flower colour becomes! They repeat flower all summer and then flush with blooms the rest of the year if kept frost free. If grown indoors as a houseplant they will flower on and off all year long! They will happily thrive in the UK climate and flower all summer, and although hardy to approx. -3C, they will benefit from overwintering in a frost-free place to guarantee they are overwintered.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 8cm pots, ready to plant out.


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