Japanese Tree Paeony collection


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Japanese Tree Paeonies really are on of the most majestic garden plants you can grow when inb full Summer flower – their huge papery flowers covering the tree.
Yet depsite their fine foliage and paper-thin flowers, they are very robust and very hardy, and suprisingy easy to grow – although patience helps too, as they can be slow to really get going for a year or two after initial planting.
Modern varieties are grafted, and all produce their classic huge flowers, up to 20cm *(8') across in late Spring and summer. Plant sraight into deep, well-drained soils (avoid growing in pots for best results), they are fairtly fuss free, and will produce flowers from 2-3 years time.
In this collection, you get one each of the 3 varieties shown:

'Taiyo' – red
'Shimano Fuji' – pink
'Feng Dan Bai' – white


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