Japanese Acer palmatum ‘Festival’ Mix


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Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) are small, deciduous trees prized for their graceful habit, autumn colour and beautiful foliage, and this colourful mix of three hardy plants will give you a riot of colour through the year.
Starting in the spring, you'll see the acid green, green and red leaves gradually emerge from the individual plants, then into summer, they'll transition through green and red and then, just as you thought the colours couldn't get any better, you'll get shades of fiery orange, yellow and red as the autumn progresses.
Grown together in a single pot, our Acer collection consists of three different varieties.
An absolutely superb feature for your patio or decking, you can also try placing these miniature trees in a flower border where the foliage will contrast magically with colourful perennial flowers.
A favourite in Japanese-style gardens, many acers grow extremely slowly and are perfect in smaller gardens, or grown in containers.
Supplied as three separate varieties of Acer palmatum, grown together in a single pot : 'Atropurpureum', 'Orange Dream' and 'Going Green'.


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