Imperata Red Baron – Blood Grass


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Ornamental grasses are currently enjoying incredible popularity as both seasoned and novice gardeners alike discover the incredible and ever-increasing range of varieties available, and Imperata 'Red Baron', better known as Blood Grass, has to be one of the most striking!
Originating in Korea, Japan, China and India, this exotic beauty is one of the smaller grasses, reaching a height of about 50 cm, it is nonetheless stunningly striking. A deciduous grass, in spring it'll begin to produce robust, upright green blades which turn vivid cranberry red in summer before the colour deepens to luxurious burgundy tones in autumn.
Blood Grass will slowly form large clumps and looks amazing when planted en masse, with its dazzling red blades providing contrasts of colour and texture with the surrounding garden plants. Between June and August, clusters of fluffy, silvery flowers appear, adding yet more visual interest. Try it dotted around a gravel or rock garden or in a pot so that you can get up close and admire it.
Growing in full sun will give the best colouring, although it will be fine in partial shade. As a deciduous grass, it will die back in winter and should be cut back to ground level in February, but don't worry, you'll see brand new shoots in March, heralding the arrival of spring and a new season of amazing colour!
Supplied as an established plant in a 17 cm pot, ready to plant out, growing to a height of 50 cm (20 in) and spread of 30 cm (1 ft).


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