Impatiens Vitara Pre-Planted Baskets


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Busy Lizzies are one of the most popular summer bedding flowers and it's not hard to see why. Combining a tough, weather resistant bloom with the beauty and floral pizazz of the most delicate of flowers, the 'Vitara' hanging baskets are instantly striking!
In a mix of stunningly vibrant deep orange, magenta and white, busy lizzies sit against a backdrop of tough deep-green leaves that frames the floral display to perfection.
Although they may look beautiful and delicate, 'Vitara' are strong and vigorous growers that will withstand the UK's unpredictable summer weather, from wet and cold or dry and hot, these Impatiens will continue to provide you with stunning displays all summer long, right up until the first autumn frosts.
Resistant to downy mildew, which can otherwise cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall.
Supplied as a pair of ready-planted green 25cm baskets for display.


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