Hydrangea paniculata Hercules


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Just like the legendary Greek hero famed for his strength and endurance, Hydrangea Hercules will excel in your garden with a display of strength and endurance, rewarding you with an exuberant display of power.
A typical paniculata type, Hercules erupts into bloom from July with enormous XXL-sized blooms that are held aloft on strong, upright stems right up to the first frosts. The massive panicles of starry flowers, each a subtle green white, develop a rosy hue as they age, adding a multi-tonal effect to your garden.
Impressive in both size and strength, the large branches thrust upwards through mixed borders and erupt into bloom with sprays up to 40cm in length, standing proud against its neighbours.
Perfect for cutting, the magnificent 40cm+ blooms make elegant cut flowers, and will last well into autumn if left on the plant to shine wondrously in the autumn frosts.
Exceptionally hardy, Hercules stands up to the British weather with ease and will shrug off temperatures as low as -30°C plus it's incredibly easy to grow, giving great results for any level of gardener and not even needing a massive garden – they're just as happy in a container on a balcony or terrace.
Supplied as an established plant in a 12cm pot, ready to plant out. H2m x W2m. Flowers July – October.


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