Hydrangea paniculata Hercules


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If ever there was an appropriate name for a plant, 'Hercules' is it, fitting this magnificent Hydrangea perfectly, with its display of strength and endurance!
A typical paniculata variety, 'Hercules' erupts into bloom from July with enormous blooms that have to be seen to be believed. Carried on strong, straight stems, the flowers are produced right up to the first frosts. The huge panicles of starry flowers, each a subtle green-white become flushed with pink as they age.
Impressive in both size and strength, the large branches thrust upwards through mixed borders and explode into bloom with sprays up to 40cm (16in) in length, standing proud against its neighbours. They are perfect for cutting, the extravagant blooms are superb for creating bold, dramatic indoor displays, and they're great for drying too. Also if left of the plant during the winter, they'll look amazing on a frosty day.
Exceptionally hardy, Hercules stands up to the British weather with ease and will shrug off temperatures as low as -30°C, plus it's incredibly easy to grow either in the border or in a container on a balcony or terrace, where they make breathtaking specimen plants.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant, reaching a height and spread of 2m (6½ft).


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