Hydrangea Magical Rhapsody


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The 'Magical' series are abundantly flowering, compact, multi-stemmed Hydrangeas and these beautifully formed mophead varieties make unique garden plants.
While many hydrangeas start their blooming with a hint of green before colouring up, 'Rhapsody' maintains its green colour right up to autumn, where it ends the season with a brief touch of flame red before the leaves also take on fiery tones before falling.
Compact enough for container gardens and small spaces 'Rhapsody' will grow into a loose mound of large leaves, and this glamourous hydrangea makes a statement wherever it is planted. Even when grown in a pot, 'Rhapsody' will bring an attractive touch to your decking, patio or balcony.
Being a mophead, the large flower heads consist of sterile coloured bracts which look like flowers and these are super as cut flowers for both summer colour and dried winter arrangements.
Easy to grow and relatively compact – it reaches just 1.5m (5ft) high and wide – this is a hydrangea which can be grown by anyone whatever their level of experience.
Supplied as an established plant in a 14cm pot, ready for planting.


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