Hydrangea Magical Emerald


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From the 'Magical' series of Hydrangeas, all of which are incredibly impressive, 'Emerald' is a prolifically flowering, compact, multi-stemmed and perfectly formed mophead variety.
'Magical Emerald' will amaze you with its incredible display of white flowers which have a touch of pink all summer long before they gradually transform to deep green with hints of red and purple as they age. As autumn arrived the dark green foliage turn to fiery shades of yellow, red and orange before falling to leave behind the delicate, faded flower heads which look stunning in the winter, especially when it's frosty.
Compact and easy to look after, 'Emerald' is ideal for smaller spaces or growing in pots and will grow into a loose mound of large leaves. Perfect growing in borders and a handsome specimen in a large pot this Hydrangea will bring an attractive touch to your decking, terrace or balcony.
Being a mophead, the huge flower heads consist of sterile coloured bracts which look like flowers and these are wonderful as cut flowers for both summer colour and dried winter arrangements.
Easy to grow and relatively compact – it reaches just 1.5m (5ft) high and wide – this is a hydrangea which can be grown by anyone whatever their level of experience.
Supplied as an established plant in a 14cm pot, ready for planting.


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