Hydrangea Magic Pillow


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'Magic Pillow' is a very unusual, low growing ground cover hydrangea that's native to the hillsides of Korea and Japan.
Living up to its name beautifully, it's covered in abundant flowers from June until September, creating a wonderful pillow of colour. The flower colour changes depending on the acidity of the soil. Alkaline soils will produce gorgeous pink blooms, whilst acid soil will give you strikingly bright mauve-blue. The flower heads open from the outside inwards, becoming fully with each day and although the stems are shorter than most hydrangeas, the flowers still make excellent cut flowers and dry well too.
The foliage is lush and green with serrated leaves in spring and summer, and in autumn it transforms to incredible flaming red, orange and purple before they fall. As with all hydrangeas, the faded flowers look spectacular if left on the plant over winter.
'Magic Pillow' is an excellent ground covering shrub that will keep weeds under control and look particularly good at the front of a deep border or on a bank. Preferring light shade over full sun, it's also an ideal shrub for a woodland style garden.
Supplied as an established plant in a 19cm pot, ready for planting and growing to a height of 60cm (2ft) and spread of 1.2m (4ft).


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