Hydrangea aspera Goldrush


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Make a statement in your garden this year with this eye-catching and rarely available, new variety of hydrangea. Resplendent in spring with rich, velvety, golden foliage that is edged in orange, 'Goldrush' is truly a sight not to be missed, and breath-taking when it has darker foliage as a backdrop, really lighting up the spring garden.
An award-winning hydrangea, 'Goldrush' was shortlisted in the 2018 RHS Plant of the year competition and was also given a Bronze Medal at Holland's Plantarium 2018 awards so its officially recognised as something really special!
As the season progresses, the leaves of this lovely hydrangea steadily tone down so that by the time the large lace cap blooms emerge, the leaves are green. The flowers themselves are a subtle, pastel blue-violet and surrounded by a ring of large white bracts which contrast spectacularly with the foliage.
But the show doesn't end there – the leaves turn fiery orange again in the autumn before falling to reveal its attractive peeling bark. This really is a plant with year-round interest, that can be grown in the garden border as well as in pots and containers where it brings its vibrancy to decks, patios and balconies.
Being a hydrangea, it's simple to grow, needing no complicated maintenance. Reaching 2.5m (8ft) in height and spread, 'Gold Rush' responds to a hard spring pruning and grows well in sun or partial shade, although it does appreciate some shelter to protect the emerging spring leaves from drying winds.


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