Houseplant Pot Cover 16cm-White


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This White Plastic Houseplant Pot cover is a perfect choice for displaying your favourite indoor plant.
It has simple but stylish design and is made from recycled plastic. It is just the thing for covering up the unsightly nursery pot and will effortlessly coordinate your plant with your existing decor.
Pot covers are watertight and don't have any drainage holes, this will allow you to place them on your favourite pieces of furniture without the worry of spoiling the surfaces when watering. Easy to use, it's best to remove your plant before watering and allow the water to drain completely out of the plant before placing it back into the pot.
Repotting a plant immediately after purchase can disrupt roots and stress the plant, often leading to poor growth. This overpot is the perfect solution to the problem as you can leave the plant in its original container and still get the decorative effect that you want.
Supplied as a white plastic pot cover, Diameter: 16cm, Height: 14.7cm.


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