Honeyfields Insect and Mealworm Feast 1.6Kg


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So why buy Honeyfield's 'Fair To Nature'?
Where the ingredients allow, Honeyfield's wild bird foods contain cereals and other seeds grown on Fair to Nature farms. These farms grow special areas of seed-bearing crops to provide food for farmland bird species, such as linnets, skylarks, and buntings as well as providing habitats for a host of other wildlife. This means that Honeyfield's wild bird food not only feeds the birds in your garden, it looks after the wild birds and wildlife in our countryside too.
It's always good to give the wild birds a helping hand when it comes to feeding and it's a joy to bring a wide range of birds into the garden. This 'Fair to Nature' Insect Mealworm feast will do just that. 
It is an all seasons mix with an added mealworm treat suitable for use in hanging feeders, table and ground feeders.  It is especially popular with Greenfinches, Wrens, Robins and Nuthatches.

1.6kg Bag
Contains: Mealworms, Yellow Millet, Black Sunflower, Peeled Oats, Cut Maize, Wheat, Sunflower Hearts, Flaked Wheat, Pinhead Oats, Kibbled Peanuts and Rapeseed Oil.


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