Hibiscus Giant Red


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Hibiscus are amongst the most exotic looking flowers that you can grow, but 'Carousel Geant Red' takes that to another level entirely!
Hibiscus 'Carousel Geant Red' is a spectacular deciduous shrub with lush red tinged, toothed leaves and bronze stems. Unashamedly exotic, the flowers are absolutely enormous, growing up to 18cm (5 inches) across and really do have to be seen to be believed!
Best grown in a sunny spot, hibiscus are surprisingly tough and 'Geant Red' is winter harder to -15°C. With their late summer flowers they're perfect for extending the season in your garden and you'll be enjoying the stunning flowers right into autumn, as other shrubs are fading away. Great for growing in borders and spectacular as an eye-catching specimen in a patio container, bringing a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden.
Supplied as an established plant is a 9cm pot, ready to plant and growing to a height and spread of 1.8 m (6ft).


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