Heuchera americana Dale’s Strain


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Heucheras, also known as Coral Bells, are amazing perennial plants, famed for their spectacular foliage in a huge range of colours with wonderful leaf shapes forming low growing evergreen or semi-evergreen mounds.
'Dale's Strain' is perfect if you're looking to add year-round colour to your garden. It has serrated, wavy foliage in a beautiful and silvery mid green colour that are often flushed with purple details. In late spring and early summer, 'Dale's Strain' produces panicles for small bell-shaped flowers in a gorgeous blush pink that contrasts effortlessly against the gorgeous green foliage. They are also attractive to wildlife such as bees and hummingbirds.
It will thrive in pots and looks great planted towards the front of mixed borders, especially when several different varieties are planted together, creating a carpet of colourful, evergreen groundcover. These adaptable plants are happy in sun or partial shade and aren't too fussy about soil conditions if it isn't heavy and waterlogged as that will cause the crown to rot. Usually evergreen, severe winters may cause leaf loss, but they'll regrow the following spring.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready to pot on or plant out. Growing to a height and spread of 40cm (16in) x 35cm (14in).


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