Helleborus niger (Christmas Rose) in 15cm pot


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Brighten up the darkness of winter with these gorgeous Christmas Roses!
Helleborus niger is one of the most popular Hellebore varieties across the world, and it is easy to see why. Each plant will produce an abundance of truly beautiful bowl-shaped, snowy white flowers, which turn shades of pink as they age, across the festive period and beyond.
They have lovely, thick, dark-green leaves and foliage too. Supplied in a 15cm pot, it is perfect for displaying indoors and will make a magical centrepiece when put in a decorative pot or wrapped in some festive wrapping paper! Alternatively you could plant them out in your garden they are completely winter hardy and will last for years, with displays coming back bigger and better each year.
Recomended as a plant for pollinators, the Christmas rose will encourage wildlife into your garden and will help with the fight to save our bees!
Were giving you an established plant of the highest quality ready to plant up straight into the garden or your favourite container.


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