Hardy Geranium Tiny Monster Cranesbill


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Geranium sanguineum, the hardy geranium or Cranesbill, is a clump-forming perennial growing to around 20cm (8in) tall, with spreading roots that easily establishes wherever it's planted.
The lightly ruffled magenta flowers that are produced from late spring to early autumn, making it one of the most prolific and long blooming geraniums that you can buy and these contrast beautifully with the deeply lobed leaves that redden into the autumn.
Ideal for tubs or mixed containers, 'Tiny Monster' is a vigorous and floriferous variety that makes excellent ground cover as it's tolerant of sun and partial shade. Easy to grow and virtually maintenance free, this tough little beauty is rarely bothered by pests such as snails and rabbits.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready to be planted out.


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