Hardy Gardenia Collection – Kleims hardy, Crown Jewel and Sweet Heart


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Truly hardy Gardenias with the most exquisite snow-white flowers on a backdrop of glossy green foliage – the perfect trio of shrubs to add elegance to your garden.A collection of compact shrubs ideal for gaps in borders or containers on the patio, this set includes varieties that produce that hypnotising, sweet fragrance that is widely used in perfumes. Plant around entertaining areas in the garden or along pathways and near entrances where you can fully enjoy that much sought-after scent.The classic single, star-shaped flowers of the 'Kleim's Hardy' create a simple, understated elegance, while the showier double, rose-like blooms of the 'Crown Jewel' can be cut and used in stunning vase displays. The new variety ''Sweet Heart' that we have added to this collection has larger blooms and is also hardier, blooming heavily from late spring.Flowering all summer-long, with an abundance of blooms smothering the rich green waxy foliage, these beautiful shrubs will provide you with months of fragrant displays, and they'll also keep their evergreen leaves for interest all year round.
Easy to grow and maintain, simply plant in a pot or straight into the border, preferably using ericaceous compost, and it will happily grow and flourish outdoors all year round.
Supplied as three plants in 9cm pots, ready to go into the large pots or a sheltered, sunny area of the garden.


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