Hardy Alstroemeria Indian Summer


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Thanks to some fantastic hybridising at one of Holland's leading cut flowers Alstroemeria breeders, we are delighted to offer this amazing variety to UK gardeners. It combines the impressive high flower count needed for commercial growers, with a strong and robust garden habit, being just 60cm (2ft) tall, and forming big perennial clumps.
'Indian Summer' has a lovely unique strong bronze purple tinge to the foliage which sets off the gorgeous flame-coloured flowers to a tee! The good news is you can enjoy this impressive floral display for even longer as they just keep flowering all Summer, new buds emerging all the time well into Autumn. They're perfect for long lasting displays in pots or mixed borders.
Naturally hardy to about -7C, they will survive most UK winters in well drained spots and emerge bigger and bolder year after year. Very easy and low maintenance – just beware slugs on new Spring growth!
Supplied as 3 x jump plugs, ready to pot on and plant out.


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