Greatberry (R) Amelanchier alnifolia Garden


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Guaranteed to be a hit with both Grow Your Own enthusiasts and ornamental gardeners, the relatively compact bushes of the Greatberry reach around 2-3m and bring something special to your garden each season with spring blossom, summer fruit, autumn leaf colour and winter form.
In spring, the bushes are covered in masses of delicate white blossom and are often described as looking like a big candy-floss! The delicate, star-shaped flowers have a subtle, sweet fragrance and are self-pollinating. The tiny blooms are followed, in summer, by the large, juicy blueberry-like fruits, each up to 1.5cm (1/2in).
A fiery display of autumn colour will greet you from late September, when the leaves take on hues of orange and red before they fall, revealing the delicate tracery of branches which brings architectural interest to your garden.
It is the fruit however that is getting the serious attention. The wild fruit has been cultivated in Canada for decades and known only a handful of people, so we're really excited to bring this exciting discovery to UK gardeners.
The Juicy, sweet berries are similar in appearance to the familiar blueberry and have a slightly sweet, almond taste which makes them distinctly different. Picked directly from the plant they can be eaten fresh or processed into delicious jams, fruity smoothies, delicious cakes or creamy ice cream.
Attractive in the garden, their compact size mans that Greatberry can also be grown in a big pot on a terrace or balcony, so you don't even need a lot of space to benefit from this new wonder fruit! Fully Winter Hardy ´Greatberry´® are robust and healthy plants which tolerate temperatures down to – 40C and the sturdy upright shrubs or small trees are 1.5m to 4m high.
Plants freely produce abundant berries and they can also be grown as a productive, flowering hedge, as wind protection and also bee pasture or wildlife gardening as birds love the berries!
Easy to maintain, unpretentious, extremely hardy and gorgeous in the garden, get yours now as stocks are limited this year!


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