Gerbera Garvinea Majestic


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Gerberas are incredibly popular flowers and understandably common in bouquets. Perfectly formed blooms on long, straight stems in wonderfully bright colours, they're now available as herbaceous perennials.
The Garvinea series are the world's first hardy Gerberas and Garvinea 'Majestic' has been bred to produce spectacular double flowers in three gorgeous colours, each one 9cm (3½in) across. You can now enjoy these amazing flowers in your own garden from May to October each year, an incredibly long flowering season that guarantees you a continuous supply of beautiful cut flowers!
These Gerbers love to grow in full sun or partial shade and are hardy down to -8°C, so they'll get through a British winter, dying back underground before returning bigger, better and with even more flowers the following spring, and their immaculate looking flowers are incredibly prolific. Happy in flower borders and they look particularly good planted in groups in large pots.
Supplied as 3 established plants in 7cm pots, ready to plant, reaching a height of 40cm (16in) and spread of 30cm (1ft), including:
Garvinea 'Majestic Yellow' – bright lemon yellow with a hint of gold at the centre.
Garvinea 'Majestic Pink' – lovely soft pink, darker in the centre.
Garvinea 'Majestic Burgundy' – rich burgundy petals with white tips.


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