Garden Chrysanthemum Collection


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This is the ultimate chrysanthemum collection – 24 of the biggest and best varieties guaranteed to make a massive impact in your garden!Chrysanthemums are a much loved, classic cottage garden favourite, due to their beautiful clusters of ball-shaped flowers. Nothing heralds the arrival of autumn in the garden than a garden flushed with their gorgeous blooms.'Spray' and 'Bloom' Chrysanthemums are the beautiful classic old-fashioned types, with glorious 8-10 inch blooms in a mix of orange, pink, yellow and purple. Planted in a mixture these will create simply stunning features!Chrysanthemums have a long flowering period, so you can enjoy their huge, impressive displays all summer long, typically from the end of July through to December.Often used to create impact in florist's bouquets where they come at a price, this collection is incredible value for money and you'll be able to cut them from your own garden and create your very own unique displays in vases indoors.These are hardy, shrubby perennials that will return every year to delight with their showy blooms.   They are so easy to care for and they thrive when well-watered but require very little pruning. They produce their tight, balls of colour naturally, and don't need any help achieving or maintaining this shape.


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