Fritillaria uva-vulpis (Foxs Grape)


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Also known as 'Fox's grape fritillary', Fritillaria uva-vulpis is a bulbous perennial with lance-shaped leaves and sprays of up to 7 hanging, bell-shaped flowers.
The blooms are dark purple-brown with yellow inside and often bright-yellow tipping. Each delicate flower is highlighted with fine veining and contrasts delightfully with its glaucous, grassy leaves.
One of the more robust fritillaries, they have been found growing wild - testament to their tolerance of the UK climate and proof that they will naturalise when happy.
Perfect for borders, patio pots and container displays, they can be grown in any semi-shaded part of your garden, decking or balcony.
Supplied as a pack of 20 bulbs, size 5/6 ready to plant out in autumn.


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