Fragrant Nemesia Collection


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Fill your garden with the sweet fragrance and beautiful colours of this Nemesia collection.
This collection of six Nemesia will start to bloom from late spring and will just keep coming right up to September – that is five whole months of jaw-dropping colour. The strong and heady perfume is wonderful on a warm summer's day, so be sure to grow in a place where you can appreciate the fragrance.
This collection of 12 plugs comes complete with:

2x Nemesia Lyric Yellow – Large fragrant blooms in a cheerful shade of sunshine yellow.
2x Nemesia Lyric Red – Striking large flowers in a deep shade of scarlet red.
2x Nemesia Lyric White – Large pure white flowers with a bright yellow centre and sweet fragrance.
2x Nemesia Lyric Orange – A delicious, sweet scent and fiery orange blooms.
2x Nemesia Mareto Lemon & Rose – Beautiful two-tone yellow and purple flowers.
2x Nemesia Mareto Blue & White – A gorgeous collection of blue and white two-tone blooms.
Easy to grow Nemesia thrives in cool or hot weather and tolerates a little frost too, so stays in bloom much longer than many summer plants.
Supplied as 12x plugs.


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