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A fragrant, easy to grow, evergreen lavender collection that will give outstanding performance in the garden and has everything that you expect from this much-loved perennial.
Suitable for all garden conditions, positions and temperatures, lavender is drought-tolerant, winter hardy and evergreen for year-long interest – perfect for anyone to grow and ideal to create a scented hedge or borderThe silvery leaves and vibrant blooms are packed with a heady fragrance and will give you sweeping drifts of scent and colour from early to mid-summer.
As well as putting on a show for gardener everywhere, the combination of showy flowers and fragrance is an absolute magnet for bees, butterflies and other beneficial garden insects, which will have your garden buzzing with life and makes a fabulous choice for pollinating the garden.
A Mediterranean native, Lavender is ideal for many situations, and all varieties are ideal in pots of light soil that drains well. Compact, hardy, drought-tolerant and incredibly easy to grow, lavenders are perfect for growing either side of doorways, pathways and entrances or for the patio where you'll be able to catch their magnificent scent! Once established, Lavender is extremely drought tolerant, easy to grow and needs very little maintenance – you can even cut the stems to make fragrant indoor dried displays!
Supplied as a set of 12 plug plants in 4 varieties, ready to pot up and grow on:
4 x Lavender 'Hidcote' and 3 x 'Munstead' both classic, hardy English Lavenders, which will transform your garden with colour and incredible fragrance. They'll stay compact, reaching 45-60cm (1-2ft) tall. Both blooms and leaves are fragrant, and you can even cut the stems to make fragrant indoor dried displays! Hidcote is a deeper violet colour when compared to the lighter Munstead.
4 x Lavender 'Ellagance Snow' is another fabulous variety of classic lavender with silvery leaves and white blooms. Slightly more compact than others, it will reach approx. 30cm (1ft) x 30cm (1ft).
1 x Lavender 'Rosea' as its name suggests bears rose-pink flowers above silvery leaves and makes a great contract when planted with other varieties. Slightly taller, will reach 75cm (2.5ft) x 75cm (2.5ft).


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