Fragrant Clematis Kimiko


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It's incredible but true… this special evergreen clematis must be one of the easiest of all to grow. Apart from the removal of the odd broken branch in spring Kimiko needs no pruning at all.
This compact beauty really will produce a tower of bright, star-shapes blooms continuously for months – every year!Bred specifically for a compact growing habit and a precocious flowering nature, it's vigorous, hardy, healthy and very easy to grow with vigorous re-growth every spring.
Perfect for growing in small spaces, in pots and containers, so are ideal for modern gardens where space may be limited.
Fragrant flowers appear all from early spring to summer over the entire height of the plant giving the appearance of a column of white as these
splendid clematis flower from the leaf axils and the ends of the stems, resulting in blooms right from the ground.As a bonus, the plants will never get out of hand, reaching a mature height of around 1-1.25m (3-4ft) – perfect for growing on an obelisk in a large pot in a tree or on a fence.
Supplied as an established plant in a 7cm pot, Kimiko is best planted in a sunny location with its roots in some shade. Plants only require a minimum of annual maintenance – cut all stems back to 15cm (6in) in Feb/March- PLUS they are totally winter hardy too!


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