Forsythia x intermedia Mikador


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If you want to add dramatic effect to your garden, then you can't go wrong with this popular shrub. One of the first ornamental plants to bloom in the year, Forsythia is also known as the Easter tree as it is often in flower through that calendar period.
A robust and easy to care for shrub that is perfect for use as a cut flower the branches of Forsythia are smothered along their length with brilliant yellow blooms and they look simply stunning when displayed in a vase at Easter time.A recent addition to our range of flowering forsythias, 'Mikador' has the same spectacular yellow flower displays in early spring as its relatives, but on a smaller, low maintenance form.
A naturally compact variety, Mikador grows to just H100cm (30in) x W100cm (in) wide and is perfect for patio pots and smaller garden borders where it will display all the flower power, but in a fraction of the space! After flowering, 'Mikador' gets smothered in mid-green leaves which turn to orange and gold in autumn giving a delightful display and extending its season of interest.
Easy to grow, and perfect if you're short of time or new to gardening, grow Mikador in sunny or lightly shade spots in any soils – from acidic to heavy clays, it's a very easy and very hardy and tolerant shrub – a 'good doer' as we like to call it!
Supplied as an established plant in a 17cm pot, ready to plant out.


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