Flowering Cherry Almond Prunus triloba Standard


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Grown for its gorgeous, springtime displays of pink, bowl-shaped blossoms, 'Triloba' here is grown in standard form creating the perfect compact feature tree for any size garden or patio.
The double flowered blossom is a picture in early spring, where the blooms smother bare branches before the foliage appears. What's more, the flowers carry a wonderful floral perfume that will fill the air throughout the spring so make sure you plant somewhere where you can fully enjoy the delightful fragrance.
Bright green leaves follow the flowers and fruits for wild birds to feast on arrive late in summer. Concluding in a riot of autumnal-bronze foliage in the autumn, the Prunus Triloba will add colour to your garden throughout the whole year.
Perfect for pots, the standard form produces a ball of flowers and foliage atop a long clear stem, adding height to displays but is always very easily maintained with a little prune to shape. Totally winter hardy it can be left outside all year round and will flourish again next year.
Supplied as a bare root tree, approx. 1.4m tall, in a standard form.


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