Floating Pond Plant Raft


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Our Floating Pond Raft is a quick and easy way to grow and display a selection of beautiful marginal pond plants and provides a unique approach to spruce up and enhance ponds and water features.
We include everything that you need to add colour, interest and height to your pond. A complete pond plant growing kit, all you need to do is add soil into the planter, add the plants, cover with gravel and hey presto, floating raft!
A quick and easy way to grow your pond plants, the raft prevents the plants being uprooted or eaten and they'll grow more rapidly. When fully established, the planter provides shade and shelter for fish and other aquatic wildlife.
Additionally, the plants will help reduce the occurrence of blooms of algae, supressing blanket weed and other pond nasties, while at the same time improving the oxygen content.
The kit includes three popular marginal plants, along with a square floating planter, pond soil and pond gravel.The selection of pond plants has colourful flowers and decorative leaves from early spring through early autumn, and the three different varieties grown together provide maximum effect. Includes*:

Acorus (green)
Iris (yellow)
Pontederia (purple)
*(Please note that the selection of plants may change depending on seasonal availability).


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