Festuca Sunrise


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With the popularity of ornamental grasses on the rise in recent years, they have quickly become a must-have for every garden. With so many exciting varieties in different sizes and colours, why not start a collection?
Festuca 'Sunrise' is a wonderful, compact grass that grows into a mound of blue-green, arching foliage. In late summer deep orange flowering stems rise above the leaves, moving beautifully in the breeze. Then, as autumn arrives, the ends of the leaves turn to a warm shade of copper.
An exceptionally attractive little grass, 'Sunrise' looks particularly good planted in groups in a gravel garden, or on its own in an architectural pot for a contemporary balcony or patio feature.
'Sunrise' will thrive in sun or partial shade and is completely winter hardy to -20°C as well as being drought tolerant. It needs no maintenance apart from the trimming of faded flower stems if you wish, but if left on the plant they give attractive winter interest, especial during a frost.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant and growing to a height of 70cm (2½ft) and a spread of 30cm (1ft).


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