Expanding Wooden Trellis Garden Plant Support 6ft x 2ft


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A natural, light-coloured expanding wooden trellis for supporting climbing plants and vegetables.
Ideal for all climbing plants, this easily installed trellis can be mounted onto a wall and is perfect for adding detail and height to any part of your garden . Alternatively use it to fence off flower beds or to separate areas of garden.
A simple framework of crossing pieces, a trellis is a flat support that is used to train plants such as shrubs, small or young trees, climbers and vines up and against something. They're particularly useful for getting plants to grow upwards, to make the most of available space.
Trellis can also be used as an accent piece, as a divider or as a privacy screen. Typically, a trellis is an open framework so that plants can be tied on to or woven through.
You can make a trellis yourself, but why bother when this one is already made up for you in the correct dimensions? Remember that a trellis needs to be strong enough to support the weight of plants as they grow and mature, and durable enough to withstand the elements – which is just what you get with this cost-effective piece of gardening magic!


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