Euonymus Kathy Mini Standard


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'Kathy' is an elegant and beautiful evergreen shrub with lush, bright green leaves edged in creamy white. During the summer, small yellowy-green flowers appear, followed by pink or purple berries in autumn.
Expertly grown in standard form with a clipped topiary lollipop head, it'll bring height and formality to the garden all year round. Ideal either side of a door or gate or lining a pathway, and it's an interesting alternative to standard box, bay or conifers and has a naturally neat habit, only needing an occasional trim to keep it in shape.
Although happy growing in partial shade, 'Kathy' will produce the best leaf colour and variegation when grown in full sun.
Supplied as an established standard bush, 60-70cm tall in a 15cm pot and reaching 1.5m (5ft) in height and 1.2m (4ft) wide, depending on pruning.


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