Eriostemon myoporoides White Star


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When you encounter the beautiful Eriostemon myoporoides 'White Star' you'll understand its attraction. Also known as Long-leaf Waxflower, this hardy evergreen shrub is a scented wonder, worthy of a place in any garden.
From March to May, this compact, scented ornamental is covered in small buds that open into star-shaped bright white flowers. Their delicious, sweet fragrance certainly rivals a Daphne and much like its contemporary, it also thrives in free-draining soil in a sunny, sheltered spot.
Notably, and in addition to its fragrant flowers, the foliage has glands that emit a citrusy scent when crushed or touched, which makes them particularly useful as a cut flower. Its scented tactile, waxy leaves are said to smell a little like Gin and Tonic and it's certainly an ornamental plant worthy of a place in any garden.
A hardy, reliable plant that will grow happily in dappled shade, this beautiful, early flowering spring shrub will bring year-round interest to your garden with its evergreen leaves, gorgeous flowers and wonderful perfume.
Supplied as an established plant in a 15cm pot and ready to plant out.


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