Crinodendron hookerianum Collection


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Here's a collection of unique and exotic evergreen shrubs that are perfect for adding the finishing touch to a sunny border or your patio area.
Bearing slender, shiny dark green foliage throughout the year, each one produces beautiful lantern-like blooms from late spring to autumn. Certain to add a touch of exotic allure to any garden, it's easy to care for as the they thrive in UK gardens, where the exquisite blooms seem to drip from every branch and will of course delight everyone who sees it.
In this collection:

The Chilean Lantern Tree: Produces lovely pink blooms and gorgeous foliage that is made up of narrower leaves. It's sure to be a plant that none of your gardening neighbours will have!
Crinodendron 'Ada Hoffman': A more delicate form of the Chilean Lantern Tree, 'Ada Hoffman' has lighter pink blooms and slightly longer, narrower leaves.
Crinodendron 'Alf Robbins': The first Crinodendron to have white flowers, 'Alf Robbins' is a rare find, and you're unlikely to see it in many gardens.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant out.


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