Creeping Moss Phlox subulata Collection


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Quite possibly one of the most colourful of the creeping phloxes, this dainty, evergreen perennial is a versatile solution for a colourful spring garden, perfect for planting in drifts for a carpet of colour through April and into May, or dotted around to fill gaps and keep weeds at bay.
With an abundance of 5-petalled star-like flowers along with distinctive needle-like leaves, each plant will spread to 60cm (2ft) across and is the perfect choice for rock gardens and for edging paths and borders. Also known as creeping moss phlox, you can grow it in mixed borders in full sun as well as in all manner of containers – it really is a plant for every occasion!
As well as making an invaluable groundcover plant and weed suppressant, hardy carpet phlox is a low or no maintenace hardy plant needing very little in the way of aftercare, making it the perfect plant for those new to gardening or with no time for faddy garden divas.
A great way to attract wildlife into your garden, you will get 2 plants each of the best 3 varieties, growing to 15cm (6in) x 60cm (2ft):
Candy stripe – pink with white stripesEmerald Blue – pale lavender blueMcDaniels Cushion – bright pink


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