Coreopsis grandiflora Sunkiss


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'Sunkiss' is a wonderfully bushy and compact Coreopsis and certainly one of the most colourful perennials that you can grow. With its long flowering season, it's a must-have for any gardener!
Masses of daisy-like, bright golden yellow flowers with rich maroon centres appear from May and continue right up to October, covering the plant in vibrant colour. They're much larger than those of most other Coreopsis and their colouring is amazingly intense, shining out in the garden like miniature sunflowers, and they last well in a vase too. Bees and butterflies love their nectar and birds will feast on the seeds, making these ideal plants for bringing wildlife into your garden.
Also known as tickseed, Coreopsis in a native of North American prairies and is extremely rugged, easy to grow and drought tolerant. Grown in patio pots and in flower borders, you'll be treated to month after month of vivid colour with almost no maintenance, just regular deadheading to keep the flowers coming until autumn.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready for planting and growing to a height and spread of 35cm (14in).


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