Cordyline australis Burgundy Spire


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A spectacular cordyline with striking, broad sword-like leaves, 'Burgundy Spire' will bring stunning contrast to your garden planting.
The leaves are an incredibly dark burgundy purple and this stunning evergreen shrub will bring a sultry, dark and exotic look to your garden. When planted in borders, the colour will make all of the plants around it really stand out, especially those with bright flowers in shades or orange, blue and red and white.
Like all cordylines, also known as cabbage palms, 'Burgundy Spire' is wonderfully architectural, and looks superb growing in a statement planter on a patio or either side of a gate or doorway, and will eventually forming a trunk as it grows upwards and sheds its lower leaves and begins to look like a small palm tree.
Once mature 'Burgundy Spire' will produce clusters of small, sweetly scented creamy white flowers that are attractive to bees and butterflies, followed in autumn by berries that birds love to eat.
Although hardy to around -7°C (19°F), we recommend that you provide your cordyline with protection during the coldest winter weather, either by tying up the leaves and wrapping in fleece, or bringing pot grown plants under cover.
Supplied as an established plant in a 17cm pot, 60-70cm tall, ready to plant, growing to a height and spread of 3m (10ft) and spread of 1m (3ft).


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