Colourful Hardy Fern Collection


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Hardy ferns are a hidden gem of the gardening world and should be grown much more widely. Graceful and airy, with a whole range of colours, textures and sizes available, there is a fern for every garden and every gardener!
We've hand-picked a select trio of ferns which we think are really special – they're all hardy and will stand out in your garden with their unique leaf colouring.
Some of the best to grow, these ferns will reward you with colourful foliage interest, and are perfect together as a small fernery in the border or in a large pot, or even in mixed planters. They all prefer cool, fertile soil that doesn't dry out and are best in light shade where their colours really shine.
This collection includes three plants in 9cm pots, one each of:
Athyrium otophorum var. okanum (AGM): Yellow green, glowing foliage with contrasting red veins and stipe. Very good in a pot and prefers shade. A deciduous fern, so leaves die back in the winter before emerging again next spring. H45cm (18in).
Dryopteris erythrosora (AGM): The buckler fern, this striking deciduous fern has triangular-shaped fronds, which are copper-red when young and slowly mature to dark green. H40cm (16in) x W60cm (24in).
Athyrium niponicum var. pictum 'Ursula's Red': The painted lady fern, the newly emerged fronds of this beautiful fern have rich purple-bronze tones. This two-tone effect fades as the fronds mature – the purple tones diminish, and they become greener with a silver dusting. Striking in a large pot and placed on a shady terrace. H40cm x W120cm.


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