Ceramic Look Planter 39.5cm (15.5in) Mottled Blue


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Create an instant statement in your garden with this ceramic-effect planter.
A tough and durable planter that is perfect for bulbs, bedding, shrubs, houseplants and more, it's made to last from heavy duty polypropylene, with a classic design. For the fraction of the cost of a ceramic pot it will add instant effect to your patio for many years.
Stylish and traditional, the glossy finish gives a real ceramic feel to the planter, making it a feature in its own right. Reproducing a glossy, fired finish, this weather resistant, plastic planter is UV stable and will really last the test of time meaning you can use it year in, year out.
This stunning ceramic-looking planter will add an exquisite decorative look to your home or garden, without the cost of real pottery and being polypropylene, it is also light weight, so easier to pick up and move around when compared to other containers.
Perfect as a contrast if you have a group of pots, where the design helps draw your attention to the planter and therefore the plant. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, you'll receive a single, 39.5cm (15.5in) mottled blue planter.


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