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Now if you want to set your garden alight in summer, our sensational bright citrus-coloured Trumpet Vines are perfect – they look totally tropical, but are actually very hardy, tough and easy too, but flower their socks off in summer well into autumn with bright, vivid displays. This 'Trumpet Vine'series is the result of new breeding, which is much more compact at 2m maximum, and hardier and more floriferous – perfect for British summer gardens.
They are called vines, but they do not climb, rather leaning against things! This makes them great for growing against sunny walls, trellises, sheds etc where they can easily be fixed or tied in – as they flower best when exposed to sun for most of the day. They will grow in most soils, apart from very wet, and require little care apart from tying the branches in once a year.
In Summer, they erupt into the magnificent displays you see here – plastered in bold, bright trumpet shaped flowers that bees just adore. Widely grown in the continent, you may have seen their bold, usually red displays before, but this new breeding is tougher, hardier, more floriferous, and with stronger, new colours too.
You will get 1 established plant each of:

'Orange Trumpet' – mandarin orange.
'Yellow Trumpet' – golden yellow.
'Red Trumpet' – fiery scarlet red
Why not plant all 3 along a fence, wall, or shed for a spectacular display or share them with friends if you haven't got space for all 3. But do make sure you give them a go.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 2L pots, ready to plant out.


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