Camellia japonica Volunteer


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One of the most valuable garden shrubs in winter, Camellias flower when just about everything else is dormant. 'Volunteer' doesn't disappoint with its exquisite, large, double flowers in soft pink with a paler edge 
As the flowers age their colour deepens but the tips of the petals remain light, creating a beautifully contrasting two-tone effect. The fantastic and joyful display begins in January and continues into March, just when you need an uplifting splash of bold colour in you garden.
Camellias need acidic soils – like Rhododendrons, so they should be grown in ericaceous compost. They are evergreen, and their neat, shiny tough leaves will provide a backdrop to other plants all year. Flower buds start swelling late the previous summer, and keep getting bigger all autumn and winter until they explode into colour. 
Supplied as an established plant in a 13cm.


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