Butterfly Attracting Annuals Seed Mix


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Blended to appeal to butterflies, this Colourful mix is easy to grow and quick to flower from seed.
A rich and varied combination of colourful annuals that will brighten up any spare patch of garden. All of the annual flowers are a great source of nectar, providing food for butterflies and other pollinating insects all summer long.
Quick and easy to grow, this mix is ideal for creating a natural-looking meadow to attract pollinating insects into your garden. Perfect to get kids interested in gardening or for time-strapped gardeners who want results without the effort!
A collection of hardy annuals, these wildflowers also make ideal flowers for cutting so you can bring colour into your home too either in a vase or as part of a mixed bouquet.
Never before has it been so important to protect pollinators and this wildflower is ideal to encourage them into your garden. Invaluable for pollinating a whole range of plants and especially useful for kitchen gardens to enable the formation of many fruits and vegetables.
This mixture of easy-to-grow, hardy annuals will flower the same year as sowing.
Growing to 90cm (36in). Sow outdoors March to May, directly where they are to flower. Flowers June to October.
Supplied as a pack of 0.5g, sufficient for 0.5sqm
CAUTION: Harmful if eaten


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