Broom Cytisus Golden Tears Standard


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One of the best plants for filling gaps in borders or for adding a stylish touch to a favourite pot, this pretty shrub will take everything in its stride and reward you with a spectacular show of bloom.
Formed by our expert growers into a wonferful stadard form, the branches literally drip with bloom in a cascade of colour.
More commonly known as the Common Broom, Cytisus is a family of shrubs native to heaths, and as such are absolutely perfect for gardens that are cold or exposed and are particularly suitable for coastal gardens.
Absolutely amazing when clothed in bloom, 'Golden Tears' is a beautiful variety with slender, arching stems smothered in masses of lightly fragrant, yellow pea-like flowers that are a magnet for hoverflies and other pollinating insects.
Drought resistant when established, brooms are used to growing in relatively poor, sandy soils and will relish being planted in normal soil in most garden borders and their compact nature makes them ideal for growing in pots. 
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot ready for immediate planting.


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