Bright & Bold Gerbera Garvinea & Planter Collection


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The World's first Hardy Gerbera in a range of bright, zingy neon colours, the 'Garvinea' series was launched 3 years ago to great acclaim across Europe. Well, now they have got even better! The breeders in Holland who created them have developed an improved series with much bigger flowers, and even longer lasting performance called the 'Sweet Series'!
Bringing popular florists gerbera flowers to a garden perennial, they give an amazing 7 months of colour from spring to autumn every year – not many plants can do that. Retaining the same benefits of being winter hardy to around -8C and flowering for several seasons of colour, their highly distinctive flowers simply keep coming – up to 50 on a 2-year-old plant.
We love them potted up in these bright & bold planters – a mix of 4 rainbow colours, you can mix and match your plants to your planters and creating an eye-catching display for your patio. Highly distinctive with their 'ruler straight' stems and perfectly symmetrical, upward facing flower heads, Gerberas are also highly prized as a cut flower so are ideal for cutting at the stem and bringing indoors for beautiful displays in vases on the windowsill.


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