Blueberry Collection Set of 3 Blue Sapphire Jumbo Plugs


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Widely regarded as yielding one of the best superfruits, these dwarf blueberry bushes will make an attractive feature whether planted in pots on your patio or directly in the ground - as well as giving you an abundance of sweet-tasting berries to enjoy.
Blueberry 'Blue Sapphire' will be smothered in pink-tinged white blooms in May, followed quickly by a bumper crop of delicious, deep-blue, juicy berries from June to July, each one packing a punch with antioxidants and vitamins.
The flowers will attract bees and butterflies into your garden, but beware – the birds will love the berries and strip them from your bush the moment they ripen unless you protect the plant with netting. If you can place the bushes in a fruit cage, all the better!
This hardy perennial prefers full sun or partial shade in acidic soil. Use ericaceous compost when planting in containers or mix some into the soil before planting in the ground. When the plants are established, use an ericaceous feed for maximum fruiting.
Supplied as 3 x Blueberry 'Blue Sapphire' jumbo plugs ready to plant. Will grow to 60cm height x 60cm spread.


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