Blue Slate 40 mm


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With its thin, flat texture, slate is a beautiful alternative to gravel, and this blue variety is one of the most popular colour choices!
This completely natural, recycled, lime free Welsh slate changes colour from pale grey-blue to glossy blue and purple when it gets wet which creates a contemporary look wherever it's used in your garden.
It looks fantastic as a top dressing for pots and planters both indoors and out, especially for architectural specimen plants, and will help to retain moisture and supress weeds too. It's also fish friendly, so it can be used in aquariums, ponds and water features without the danger of it altering the pH or anything leaching out that could upset the delicate balance of the water.
These larger-size slate chippings are naturally roughly edged and graded to be about 40 mm long, with varying widths. They make a great colour and texture contrast when used as an edging for slabbed or decked patios and are also suitable for pathways, becoming wonderfully reflective in wet weather. Although the slate is prewashed and ready to use, we recommend that it is washed again before aquatic use.
As a guide, one bag of slate will cover 50 cm² (20 in²) at a depth of 25 mm (1 in).
Supplied as a 20 kg bag.


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