Blackberry Patio Black


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Throw away your gardening gloves, because 'Patio Black' is thorn-free, it can be grown and harvested simply and without prickly problems in any space – in the garden, on a balcony, decking or terrace. A compact, medium-sized blackberry with glossy, regular shaped black fruits, the berries are sweet and firm and are produced in abundance through much of the year.
The compact plants grow no taller than 1m when fully mature and bear fruit directly on this year's canes so they're really easy to grow with no fiddly tying-in of canes or thinning out old ones – everyone can now grow their own delicious blackberries.
Effectively an autumn fruiting blackberry,  'Patio Black' has the ability to produce a crop in its first year after planting, and will get bushier year on year, giving you even more tasty berries – just make sure that it gets plenty of sun.
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for planting out. Use this fabulous blackberry as a specimen plant, in group plantings or as a container plant.


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