Belgian Giant Trailing Begonias


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Brighten your summer hanging baskets and patio displays with these fantastic Trailing Giant Begonias. These exclusive Giant Belgian Begonias are highly sought after because of their incredible 6 inch (15cm) diameter Giant blooms and dazzling variety of colours.
Bred by the renowned Arnold van Peteghem at his nursery in Ghent, Belgium, the European capital of Begonias, Arnold has spent his whole life developing and growing these incredible hybrids. The impressive flowers are produced in great volume all summer long. It has a gently cascading habit so the display will be globe shaped and your hanging basket or patio tub will be covered in flower through 360 degrees a truly eye-catching display!
Begonias are undergoing a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as they perform Summer after Summer – whether it's hot and dry, or our more usual wet and windy! 
Thanks to all the weather we had last year, this years tubers are much larger than those normally available, which means they will produce an even bigger and more impressive display. You Garden have been lucky enough to obtain a limited number of these jumbo tubers so dont miss this one-off opportunity to obtain some for yourself and at a very special price too!


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