Aubretia Royal Mix


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Absolutely smothered in delicate blooms in a range of pastel pinks and purples, Aubretia is a pretty addition to any garden and guarantees mounds of frothy colour from March through to May.
A popular, evergreen perennial, you definitely know spring has arrived when you see it tumbling through the garden in a cascade of colour. Easy to grow and fully hardy, aubretia makes perfect grouncover and flowers best when planted in a sunny spot at the front of a border or better still, when allowed to spill from containers and rockeries.
Perfect for creating a cascading display from pots, Aubretia 'Royal Mix' will form a dense mat of bloom and looks amazing creeping through borders and when mixed in with spring-flowering bulbs.
Supplied as 20 garden-ready plug plants ready to plant straight out into the garden or to pot into containers.


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