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Create a striking floral display this summer using this beautiful Summer Collection of three Alstroemerias plugs.
Make your garden come alive with the gorgeous colours of Alstroemerias (Peruvian Lilies). Perfect plants for beds and borders, and if space is limited, they are more than happy in a pot to brighten up your terrace, patio or balcony.
A robust alstroemeria with masses of funnel shaped flowers produced over a long period, Incas will grow into a clump over time and give you a continuous supply of cut flowers all summer. Perfect to soften the edges of paths, they also mix well with other plants in the border, sending up shoots that are topped with their amazing spotted flowers from June to November.
A clump-forming perennial that grows to just 30cm (1ft) tall, Incas are best grown in full sun or light shade in a sheltered spot, with well-draining, fertile soil to keep the fleshy roots happy.
In this collection you will receive:

1 x Alstroemerias Summer Breeze Plug – Dark green foliage with gorgeous yellow and orange blooms that are detailed with brown speckles.
1 x Alstroemerias Summer Break Plug – Funnel shaped bright pink flowers with glossy dark green leaves.
1 x Alstroemerias Summer Saint Plug – Superb dark pink blooms with brown speckles that flower for five months.
Naturally hardy to about -7°C, they will survive most UK winters in well drained spots and emerge bigger and bolder year after year. Very easy and low maintenance – just beware slugs on new spring growth and apply a winter mulch to protect the crown!


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